To be able to advertise you first need to sign up for a free account.

We actually recommend that you first take out a FREE listing to be able to gain access to your membership ’Dashboard’.  This will  enable you to explore and consider our options carefully and without having to rush into a financial decision.

So to sign up…

Click on the ‘Join Now’ link in the top right corner or on the mobile menu.

You will see a pop-up similar to the following…


It is the Sign in page for members but in the bottom left hand

corner you will see the ‘Not a member? Sign up  link.


Clink on the link and you will see this pop-up…


Choose your own username.

Enter your BEST email address. IMPORTANT because this is the email address all your KPC notifications will be delivered to.

Choose your own password. (save your password somewhere safe where others will not find it and use it.)

Then select the ‘I Agree’ box if you accept our Terms and Conditions (T&C).  You will not be able to proceed with joining unless you accept the KPC T&C.

Tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ box and fill in reCAPTCHA .

Then click ‘Register’.

Go to your email account and check for your email from KPC and click on the confirmation link and then you will be set to log in.

To log in…

Follow the same procedure as above except this time instead of registering you will see in the bottom left hand corner a link that says ‘Already a member’.  Click on that and sign-in with your username or email address and password.

The home page will refresh and you will now see your ‘username’ and ‘Add Listing’ in the top right-hand corner.

When you click on ‘Add Listing’ you will be taken to the ‘Select Your Plan’ page.

Your first main choice is Standard or Exclusive

If selecting ‘Standard’ the Standard plans are listed immediately below on the same page as the links.

You may need to scroll the page to see all your options and price plans.

Standard plans allow you to post in any category you wish.

Select the option you prefer and follow the prompts

If selecting ‘Exclusive’ you will be led to a page with a side scrolling options list. (May or may not be available)

Select the option you want and follow the prompts.

PLEASE READ: We actually recommend a new member first takes out a free listing to be able to gain access to their membership ’Dashboard’.  This will  enable them to explore and consider their options carefully and without having to rush.



Hover over your username on the top menu and a drop-down will appear with the following three options.


 Update Profile

 Sign Out

Sign Out and Update Profile are self-explanatory.   Click on them if you want to use them.

Clicking on ‘Dashboard’ will link to your members area.

There in the left-hand column you will see your dashboard and the options you can access. (Options may vary depending on your membership level)

The top item ‘Dashboard’ is generally selected to begin and you will see your advertising stats as soon as you log-in.

The above is just a test image but it’s good to know when you log-in that you can see how your listings are doing.

Depending on your membership level the next item on the dashboard is ‘Announcements’.

This enables you to put an announcement on your advertisements.  You simple click on the link provided….select the ad’ you want the announcement on…fill in the announcement form….then click ‘SAVE’….your announcement will then be on your selected ad’.

Next item (depending on membership level) is ‘Events’ which means you can add an event to your listing.  It’s similar to adding ‘Announcements’.  Just click and follow the options available.  Click SAVE and it’s done.

Next (depending on membership level) is ‘Coupons’.  This is just simple adding a special offer to your listing.  It could be a discount or maybe a ‘freebie’ to test your advertising.  Again, click and follow and SAVE.

Next (depending on membership level) is ‘Menu’.  This is helpful to food outlets to add a new menu item but I’m sure other Listings could make use of it.  As simple again as following prompts and SAVE.



If you are already wondering about listing an ad’ here are the options in the Listing Plans.

  • Duration: Number of days Ad’ will run for
  • Listings: Number of listings allowed on plan
  • Map Display: display your location on Google Maps
  • Contact: Display your contact details
  • Image Gallery: Your images
  • Video:  Add your YouTube or Vimeo link
  • Business Tagline:  Add your tagline
  • Location:  Add your location
  • Website:  Add you web address
  • Social Links: Instagram – YouTube -Linkedin – Facebook –     Twitter
  • FAQ:  Add you FAQ’s
  • Price Range:  Add your Price Range
  • Tags/Keywords:  Add tags and keywords
  • Business Hours: List your business hours
  • Resurva: (paid service) For members of the Resurva booking service.  Can be incorporated into your Dashboard.  They offer a 60 day free trial with no credit card required.  Visit
  • Timekit:  (paid service) For members of Timekit booking service. Can be incorporated into your Dashboard. Free trial available. Visit
  • Menu:  Add your own menu items to your listing
  • Announcement:  Set up an announcement
  • Deals-Offers-Discounts: Offer specials to your customers.
  • Events:  Advertise your event

On you dashboard, Listings is where you will see a list of all your listings – All – Published – Pending – Expired – and links to edit, remove or change plan. (the three little dots open the drop-down box).


Every ad’ listed is PENDING until approved by admin.

Every ad’ modified is PENDING until approved by admin.

Best image size for the listings featured image is 270 x 200.

After listing or modifying a listing you may see the following pop-up.  Don’t be confused by it.

To proceed will not enable you to publish it. (I think it’s just the way the members area says “carry on’)

When seeing the above pop-up either close it down or just go to your dashboard link and return there.

If you then click on your ‘listing’ link you will see your new listing ‘Pending’.

Admin checks for new or modified listing numerous times daily.


INBOX – This is where people can connect with you through your listing.

Once you have a listing you can contact yourself and get used to how it works.


INVOICE – Here you can see your invoice(s) both Active and Pending.

You can view – print – download pdf


SAVED – Items you have saved.

PACKAGES – List of the packages you have signed up to.

AD CAMPAIGNS – Here you can add an advertising campaign.  These are different from your Listings.

When someone clicks on the ‘Party Blog’ link on the top menu they will see a drop-down menu.  When a menu item is clicked on the person will go to that blog page to see the available blog posts.  In the left-hand column on that page is where the ad’ campaigns show.  It’s just another advertising option for those who want more.

Ad Campaigns cost extra and are show on the set up page.  Just click ‘Add new ad’ and follow the prompts and choose a payment option.  All ad’s are pending until approved by admin.

REVIEWS – List of reviews left for you.

BOOKINGS – Integration option for those using ‘Resurva’ or Timekit’.  Member just needs to add their relevant Resurva Url or Timekit code to get started.